2019 | Hong Kong SAR

Xiqu Centre

Unparalleled ironmongery specification consultative services


The Xiqu Centre, a unique contemporary example of a purpose-built venue around the world, with its mission to preserve, promote and develop the art of Chinese traditional theatre.

The 7-storey building has a total area of 28,164 sqm and houses a 1,075-seat Grand Theatre, a 200-seat Tea House Theatre, eight professional studios and a seminar hall, all specially designed for different types of xiqu-related functions and activities.

The team was put to the challenge throughout the 5 years specification development and construction stages, each involving different aspects to address on the FUNCTIONAL, OPERATIONAL, SECURITY, AESTHETICS and ACCESSIBILITY for the project.


Three very experienced Registered Architectural Ironmongers and a team comprising GAI certificate and diploma holders were dedicated to oversee the project specification, ironmongery and master key scheduling, procurement and on-site technical support during installation, testing and commissioning stages of the project.

In order to meet the product performance requirement, KeyTech provided products with independent third party HOKLAS / UKAS accredited laboratories test certification.

Successful completion

KeyTech provided unparalleled consultative services and to prepare a very high standard door hardware specification with a combination of top performance products from renowned manufacturers in the UK and Europe.  This is another KeyTech successful solution, offering Mix & Match products to fulfill the different needs in a project.

As soon as the building was erected, it became a captivating landmark at the entrance to the city’s new arts and culture district.