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Modwood composite timber + Elmich VersiJack pedestals

Modwood composite timber + Elmich VersiJack pedestals together enhanced the quality of the open space and the walkability of the Kai Tak Waterfront Promenade alongside the Hong Kong Children’s Hospital.

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Creone intelligent key management system

Creone intelligent key management system gives you total control over your keys and valuables. All key cabinets and value boxes have code locks and you can easily decide who should be given access to a certain key. The system is monitored by an advanced IoT platform with eventlogs and reports that allow booking through muti-administrators. Mobile devices can access the system to make bookings and monitor the status of the keys.

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A vital first defence in controlling the spread of infection in any building

Allgood plc Contego™ copper-alloy ironmongery and door hardware kills 99.9% of viruses and bacteria including COVID-19 in minutes of exposure.

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More than 80% of viruses are transmitted by touch

Touchless door hardware solutions coupled improve facility safety by mitigating the spread of germs through high-frequency touchpoints within a building. KeyTech offers a selection of quick, easy and affordable hands-free solutions.

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Education, training, knowledge sharing

KeyTech are committed to helping our team member grow through ongoing training, coaching and knowledge sharing.

Keeping people up-to-date is essential for success.