2014 | Sentral, Malaysia

The St Regis Kuala Lumpur

Exceptional cooperation across a global team


This development is conveniently located in KL Sentra, one of Kuala Lumpur’s most prestigious and scenic neighborhoods. It includes a 208-room hotel, 160 serviced apartments, F&B and leisure facilities.

Interior designer G.A. Design called for a timeless aesthetic created with historical context and a sense of opulence. The owner appointed KeyTech to consult and supply the architectural ironmongery for the project.

The project involved Malaysian owners, Singaporean architects, Korean main contractor, Japanese artisans and Hong Kong door hardware specialists.

The biggest challenge was to bridge cultural differences and develop total understanding among all team members.


KeyTech’s experience in managing large scale, off-shore projects proved invaluable.

The standards of finish for the luxury project were extremely high. Designers demanded that complex finishes and colours of visible door components from multiple pattern and texture on bespoke door furniture, which are unique and came with ergonomic design.

Successful completion

The meticulous KeyTech approach combines world-class project management and clear open dialogue. A strong camaraderie flourished among the multicultural team, reinforced by KeyTech’s experience and dedication.

The complex needs of St Regis’ owners, designers, architects and contractors were fully understood, documented, met and exceeded. All with a spirit of international cooperation.