2014 | Hong Kong SAR

T·Park Sludge Treatment Facility

High performance outdoor grass pavers and pedestals made from recycled materials


Opened in 2016, the state-of-the-art T·Park is the world’s largest facility of its kind. It can transform up to 2,000 tonnes of sludge into electricity every day. 

The complex was designed with sustainability in mind by P&T Architects and Engineers, and Landscape Consultant ADI. 

T·Park integrates seamlessly into the surrounding landscape between mountains and sea. More than just a treatment plant, it also offers public recreational, educational, and ecological facilities.

To add to T·Park’s sustainability credentials, the designers enlisted KeyTech to specify pedestals for their outdoor water fountain spaces, as well as grass pavers.


KeyTech offered advice on the specification, recommending and supplying TurfPave® XD for the grass areas. The pavers carry the stabilised grass and access pathways to the outdoor landscaped relaxation space.

These areas resemble a grass field blending into the surroundings. However they can support long-term pedestrian traffic and even heavy vehicles.

The underlying tiles create a network of porous cells with an open base that promotes long-term healthy plant growth and root development.

KeyTech also supplied VersiJack pedestals for the outdoor water fountain spaces.

The pedestals provide heat and sound insulation and allow rapid water drainage, creating low-maintenance and usable public spaces.

VersiJack helps T·Park achieve its sustainability goals with recyclable plastics that reduce material, construction and life cycle costs.

Successful completion

The KeyTech team helped create a practical, sustainable landscaped area in this essential facility.

In line with T·Park’s ethos of waste reduction and sustainability, the landscaped area offers visitors a green welcome and fulfils the designers’ intentions.