2019 | Hong Kong SAR

Hong Kong Museum of Art

Crowning an art museum with a new green roof


The expansion and renovation of The Hong Kong Museum of Art was completed in 2019. The result is a new architectural identity in harmony with its waterfront location and contemporary exhibition needs. 

Designed by the Architectural Services Department of the HKSAR Government, the museum’s new facade mimics harbor waves with striking undulating ripples. 

With large glass facade walls that connect visitors to the outside world, the museum sought to extend the environment-inspired theme with a green roof.


KeyTech was involved in the specification and supply of the MEP® Tray for the green roof areas. This durable and versatile interlocking trays allow easy maintenance.

Each tray contains reservoirs that store surplus water to sustain long-term plant growth. Recycled high-strength UV-stabilised polypropylene material protects the trays from intense summer heat. 

The modular trays can be easily swapped or reconfigured to create artistic designs.

Successful completion

KeyTech’s green roof tray solution is a high point of the Museum of Art’s renovation.

The green roof elevates the overall appeal of the Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade and helps insulate the museum from the summer heat.