2016 | Hong Kong SAR

Court of Final Appeal Building Renovation

A thoughtful integration of modern heritage ironmongery


Built in the early 1900s, this building served as the first permanent venue of the Hong Kong Supreme Court.

In 1984 the long-standing symbol of Hong Kong’s legal and judicial values was recognised as a Declared Monument by the Antiquities and Monuments Office.

The renovation repurposed the building as the Court of Final Appeal, requiring fully-functional, modern courtrooms. The ironmongery spec called for legacy design features to be integrated with modern technologies that preserve the building’s rich heritage.


The KeyTech team worked closely with the HKSAR Government’s Architectural Services Department to produce a detailed ironmongery specification. Together the team addressed all the requirements.

KeyTech then surveyed the building’s original fittings and studied the feasibility of reconditioning existing door closing devices, locks and hinges.

Existing door and window furniture such as handles, push plates, and espagnolette bolts were carefully reinstated.

To reduce maintenance needs, KeyTech recommended replacing hinges, overhead door closers and floor springs along main circulation routes. High-performance replicas in a matching finish achieved this aim.

To improve accessibility, automatic door operators were fitted to existing doors throughout circulation routes. These enhanced the barrier-free facilities and kept the integrity of existing door structures.

Successful completion

KeyTech successfully specified, sourced and integrated modern ironmongery solutions that preserve the building’s unique neoclassical elements. The Court of Final Appeal building’s users now enjoy an enhanced experience.